What is a JRSO?

JRSO stands for Junior Road Safety Officer. 

What is the job of a JRSO at Kilmaurs?

JRSOs are a very important part of the primary school as they help raise road safety
awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in the school and the
wider community. Here are just some of the activities JRSOs can get involved

  • Talk at assemblies and to classes on road safety topics
  • Run competitions in the school, get prizes for the winners and hand out merit certificates
  • Write letters
  • Get involved in organising safe and active travel activities.

Get Involved!

A JRSO's job is a very important job. You can get involved by helping. A JRSO
needs assistants to help with running the JRSO scheme in Kilmaurs Primary.

You can :-

  • Help prepare talks for assemblies and classes on road safety
  • Help run competitions in the school and get prizes for the winners
  • Use the www.streetwiseguys.co.uk website
  • Write letters for your JRSO Officer

    They can also make a big difference to local road safety issues
    such as parents parking too close to the school gate, helping recruit volunteer
    cycle instructors, getting better street lighting, and many, many more great

Got an idea?

Have you got an idea for the JRSO? Then tell us – we want your ideas! 

Meet our JRSO Team!

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Visit our JRSO website for more information: http://jrso.com/

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